About This Blog

I, Kent is a Japanese man. In this blog, I write what I want.

About KENT

Real Name: Kenta Imamura

Sex: Male

Nationality: Japanese

Born: Oct 3rd, 1993

Like: Traveling, Cooking, Internet, Video Blog, Blogging, Biking, Anime, Manga, Apple Products, YouTube, Gadgets

What I do: Otaku, YouTuber, Traveler, FileMaker developer, English Education, Web designing, Entrepreneur

More about KENT

I am Kent. My real name is Kenta Imamura. “Kent” is my English name that I made to make my name easier. I was born in 1993 in Tokyo. Since I was born, I’ve been in Tokyo more than 20 years.

I really like traveling, and that is my initial motivation of learning English. I’ve been to Korea, Taiwan, Canada, Vietnam, Denmark, India and Philippines. Some of them were for study, some of them were traveling. During I visited around the world, I realize I love cultures and people who have different backgrounds. That’s why I wanted to be in global world in any case.

Now I’m on an internship in Manila, Philippines till March 2017. I will go back to Tokyo after this. Reason why I made this blog is to share my feeling and thinkings to this world by using English.


Portal site: kentaimamura.com

YouTube Main Channel (Japanese with English sub)

Blog “IMALOG” (Japanese)