Keychain Corrections

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I traveled some places. Couple years ago, I’d done my first backpacking trip to Canada. The backpack bought for the trip is The North Face BIG SHOT 2.

This backpack has some holes to tie ropes or belts. I use these holes to correct keychains of place I visited with the backpack.

I didn’t expect to do this before I buy this. It was just like a love at first sight. I found a keychain which has the symbol of Canada, Maple Leaf at the airpot when I was going to back to Japan.

The all decision I made after this moment was quite smooth. I naturally tied it to my backpack, and realize that there are many vacant hole for other keychains.

I decided to correct keychains where I visited.

last week I visited Cebu City, Philippines. And I got 5th (honestly it’s technically 6th but I lost 1 of them) keycahin of that series. This time it is Turtle. I always try to get one which symbolize the place. More important thing is that, it has to be metal because I always takes this bag to everywhere. If it’s not metal, it will be easily gone (from my experiance…).

Now I have Canada, Taiwan, Vietnam, Okinawa and Cebu. Well it’m wondering what will be next…
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