Making YouTube video subtitle is damn.

I am putting english subtitles into my youtube videos.

It’s quite hard. I have to spend so many times to do that. Actually I need couple hours to make all subtitles for a 6 minutes video. It’s so damn.

But I do this, because this will help this video to reach more people who use English. (And improve my English)

But even though I know it, it’s quite tough work. It feels never end. Like no-direction business or first video editing of the life. It’s tiring.

The result of the work is here…(tired)

I think there are so mistakes. In addition, I really hate what I talked in the video. The guy(me) is not clear. The guy talks very abstractly. It’s quite hard to translate into English.

Moreover, the video is just one video of three videos series. Which means I have to do this at least two more.

But I give up today. I don’t have any energy to do this anymore today. Bye (wave)

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