Learning Dreamweaver

I’m kind of internet person. I always browse, tweet and write blogs. But my interests are not only consumption internet but also productive usage.

I’ve done some works of making website. But I’ve never code from a completely blank page. When I was 13 or 14 years old, I learned HTML and CSS to play with my friends by making a website. The actual website was sucks but the experience was made my interests of creating something in the internet.

Then I was bit far from creations. When I was studying in my university, luckily I got a part time job in a small IT company. I made websites by using WordPress, and it was good business for me. Or I learned FileMaker, which is a database software which we can make complicated computer system based on database without writing any codes.

One more thing is my portal site. kentaimamura.com
I made this by using Adobe Muse. It’s quite easy to create visualized website without writing codes as well. But you know, convenience is limitation. There is an obvious barrier between what I can don and con’t do by using the tool.

So somehow, I’m familiar with computer things. But I was thinking the weakness of my skill as a bottleneck, no pure website developing experiences. And as I said earlier, the tool is limitation. Now the tool is not enough to exist things that I want to create.

So I decided to learn code again. And this time I also learn Adobe Dreamweaver which may be standard of the web designing. I hope I can make something someday. I’m planing to start my portal site ( kentaimamura.com ) because it’s small and maybe easy.

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