Think about Working As A Japanese.

Recently, Japanese terrible working environment come up to global news from the matter of DENTSU, Japan’s biggest advertising agency, new employee suicide because of the intense terrible working style. Her overtime working was more than 100 hours in every single Month. The news is very sad. But it’s not tragedy.

I put here some words from my perspective as a Japanese regarding this news. This kind of working style is not rare in Japan. Or worth, it’s just common thing.

DENTSU company is thought as one of the best companies to work, in Japanese new employee(basically university students) community. People congratulate, be jealous and be happy if their neighbor gets job in the company.

But some people know that the wonderful career is a deal with the pain.

The company is also known as a company which has quite terrible, awful community in its inside. There are lots of stories of the company such as working hours, missions, violent bosses, impossible targets and harassments.

And the business of this company is based on their own network to most of medias. They only control the mainstream of Japan. So it’s quite difficult to make successful promotion campaign without them. That’s why it’s big and powerful.

Actually most of companies in Japan don’t have such a terrible situation as worth as the company. But in terms of “working hours”, it’s quite real.

If you work in Japan, you can’t spend time with your family. You can’t do what you want in weekdays. And you can’t do anything in weekends because you are extremely tired.

That’s Japanese. They don’t work to live. They live to work. Or they work to die.

There is no the word “work-life balance”.

I wonder at why this happens. I guess there are several causes like economy situation, seniority, public mind, employee-employer power balance, national character, lack of contractual thinking etc.

I know it. I use to be there. I mean working style.

Here in Philippines, I’m working in much better place. I have my time. I have my life.

Now I think about working as a Japanese. Or technically, I think to work in Japan. I like the country. Here in Philippines, there is no anime, convenience stores (actually there are, but not as best as Japan’s one), many good restaurant, Izakaya and safe.

But working in Japan have risk of hard working. You may think I can avoid it because I know. But it never happen. Human being is social live. You cannot reject the society as long as you are there.

So currently there are only two options. Leave away from Japan and get your life. Or stay in Japan, sacrifice your life.

Now I think how to deal with this problem. I want to live in my life. But I like the country.

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