The End of Weekend

That’s time to be sad. Very lazy long weekend is now ending. 

This morning I recognized I lost my Apple MagiMouse. I really like the mouse and I need the mouse to do everything. And it’s quite expensive so I was down.

I just have few ideas where I left it. My place or the satarbucks I went to yesterday. I knew I lost it in another Starbucks ( don’t say why ) and I really socked. 

I did I have do and back to my place, start with checking everything in my backpack, and I looked my room. But there isn’t. 

So it’s time to do unwilling trip. I go to the Starbucks of yesterday. Ask a staff a staff about it then…..
Now I have the mouse fortunately. That’s huge relieve. Now I’m happy to welcome my working day. 
The sky of Manila when I go back from the 2nd Starbuck of the day, was quite beautiful. 

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