Best Manga Reader is eventually iPad

Amazon’s subscription ebook service Kindle Unlimited collapsed 2 month ago because of the Japan’s own characteristic in ebook industry, Manga.
Statistics say most of purchased ebook in Japan is Manga. Once Kindle Unlimited started in Japan, many Manga was included in the beginning. Large amount of people started to read a lot of Manga, then Amazon lost the budget for 5 month running in 1 week because the payment for the book owners is based on the number of viewed pages.

So as you know, we can read manga pages faster than some books. And people in Japan read a lot of Manga. So as a result, Amazon kick many Manga titles out from the Kindle Unlimited.

Japan’s biggest publisher Kodansha argued this treat. And many people left the service.

Actually I am the one who did it. I subscribe the service at first, then I left it because there is no longer manga I want to read.

But I’m still reading lots of Manga by Kindle because it’s much easer, faster and lighter. Reading ebook manga is quite convenient. I have to have a lot of Manga books if I have these physically. It’s big, heavy and aging.

Recently I read manga by my MacBook because it has bigger display. But I knew it’s heavy to handle yesterday. (I think I’m stupid.) So eventually, I know Manga has to be read by iPad. That’s the best way.

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