Kemono Friends, We got a new virus.

This week, my twitter timeline is very stupid, low intelligence but fun.

Kemono Friends is an anime, story of personified animals of a safari park called Japari Park. It’s 3D anime, not hand drawing one so it’s not so detailed, not exactly sync rips and camera is quite simple.

It’s like kids show like Sponge Bob. No violence, no hates. There are just a peaceful Japari Park.

No body expected this would make such a phenomenon. People become very simple, low intelligence animals by watching this.

This week, people in twitter was saying like “Fun~~!!”, “Amazing!”, “You are a friend good at singing!. That’s totally how Kemono Friends characters react to everything because they are animals.

Lsat night, I tried to put myself into this virus. Now I’m infected.

I’m not sure what attract me so a lot but actually it was great.

I knew I’m so complicated, theoretical and not mindful. Or maybe, simply, I’m old. In the show, there is just a peaceful, simple world. Japari Park seems like a safari park which made by human but it’s destroyed and there are no people except one girl called Kaban(bag) who don’t know what her species is.

There is no food chain. They just eat Japari Man(Japar buns).

It shows me a contrast. Very kind, peaceful “Friends” are enjoying very simple life in the destroyed safari park which was made by sinful human activities. This relieves me from this painful society and tells me the importance of living with simple brilliant emotion.

They don’t have intelligence but they are cute, simple and peaceful. It is emphasized in the destroyed safali park with no human. That’s all about the Kemono Friedns.

You’ll understand what I’m saying if you watch it.

Say “Fun~!”. Because it’s fun. Let’s say “Amazing!”. Because it’s extremely amazing.


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