Eventually I made second channel

I was negative people who don’t have much subscribers like me to have second channel in YouTube.

It’s not enough to exist it as contents. Nobody watch it.

“If you have time to make videos for your second channel, you have to work for your videos for main channel to make it better.”

I was thinking like this.

And I believe somehow it’s true. If you want to be famous in YouTube, you just have to work to make better videos.

But eventually I made a second channel on YouTube. I was thinking that I cannot make videos here in Philippines. There are several reasons. Internet connection, safe, place to shoot etc.

But I suddenly noticed that I just have one more month to stay here. So I thought I have to record something. I have to share something. I have to make videos. Because this is only the time I can do it.

But I don’t wanna make videos very seriously. First, I don’t have much time to do that. Especially editing. Video editing is a big time taker. So I don’t wanna make very structured, complicated videos.

Secondary, I don’t wanna change my life to make videos. I don’t wanna go somewhere just for the videos. I just wanna do what I want, but I wanna make videos.

The problem is that the videos in my main channel is not like that. (I think) It’s structured, well planed and edited. People who subscribe my main channel like that kind of videos, not like a video I want to make now.

So finally, I decided to make second channel. I hope I upload videos frequently.

Here it is -> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5nvDtqbGEg6m9RXnXZ8A6A

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